The second meeting of Guangdong Provincal Epilepsy Center's Interdisciplinary Union came to a successful termination

In July 5th,2017,organized by JNUH and pediatric neurological group of GDMA ,"The Second Meeting of Guangdong Province Epilepsy Center's interdisciplinary unoin"was held in JNHU. Head of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center from the affiliated children's hospital of Medical College of Wisconsin, professor Kurt E.Hecox came to give us a lecture and was employed as JNU's visiting professor.


Vice-president of JNUH,professor Zhong Jingxiang giving an opening speech


Vice-president of JNU,professor Ye Wencai awarded JNU's visiting professor and badge to 

professor Kurt E.Hecox


Professor Kurt E.Hecox from the affiliated children's hospital of Medical College of Wisconsin

made an excellent speech


Besides,there are more than 200 experts attending this meeting,which came from Guangdong-Honkong- Macao Institute of CNS regeneration of JNU,Institute of Neuroscience of JNU,college of Engineering of Sun Yat-sen University and dozens of hospital in Guangdong Province.


Interdisciplinary cooperation has become the main stream of today's world.Interdiscipline mainly integrates previous separate researches into a coherent whole , so as to achieve integreted study of scientifical issues.Only by gathering advantages of all subjects , making full use of complementary advantages of all subjects,we can improve the whole level of epileptic diagnosis andtreatment.The purpose of this meeting not only bulit a platform for exchanging  among Guangdong Epilepsy Centers,but also laid a solid foundation for our career integrating into international communication.


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